Club Update – 6/21/2019

CRCC Field

Folks, I apologize for the amount of time we’ve gone without an update. Things have gone off the rails at work and I haven’t had the time to be as involved as I was. Tom Gould has been communicating with Piedmont Paving and they have agreed to donate the millings we need and deliver them too. The only problem is they don’t have them yet. Millings have become available from other sources if we would prefer to pay for them. Either way, we still need someone to pick up the rolls of geotextile and have them available to roll out before the millings arrive. 

We need a couple of volunteers to form a construction committee. These volunteers would need to coordinate/ supervise the construction at the field, as work will no longer permit me to be available most days. I’m not saying I can’t still help, I’m just finding very little free time. 

I’m asking Gene Lavine, your president, to schedule a club meeting so can talk about the construction committee and decide if we want to pay for millings, or wait on the donated ones. 

I do have someone that is going to start prepping the runway with a couple of loads of dirt so we can get grass planted. 




Thank you to everyone that helped with the club fun Fly In AL including Fred, Pam, Adam, Heidi, Doug, Gene, Lois, and others that donated or helped on site. We raised over $1400 and had a great time of fellowship.