Club Update 5/2020 02

As many of you are aware, we lost our good friend and Safety Officer Steve McLaughlin a few weeks back. Steve was a founding member and an instrumental part of establishing Coweta Radio Control Club. God Speed Scuba Steve, we’ll miss you.

I have appointed Adam Gault as our Club Safety Officer. If you have any safety questions or concerns, bring them to Adam’s attention. Let’s continue to be mindful that we are on County property and want to maintain safety as a priority.

Lastly, we need to keep the main gate locked and locked correctly. If we lock the links of the chain together without including the county’s lock, workers aren’t able to access the gate. ALWAYS interlock our lock with the county’s lock. We have already had an instance where the chain had to be cut for the workers to gain entrance. If you have any questions about what I’m talking about, feel free to contact me. Thanks.