Status Update Regarding Our Field Search

Greetings CRCC Members and Friends,
Just a quick update regarding the progress of finding a new field. While it has been a very difficult task we appear to be making some progress in a very positive direction. Today, Vince Young and Mark Pass visited with members of Coweta County at the landfill site to both view the potential of the site and to show them what we do. While unfortunately I was unable to attend, I spoke at length with Vince this evening and the meeting seemed to have gone very well. While I expect this to still take some time, the site itself appears to be an excellent site for us to work with and all 3 members from the county who were in attendance seemed to leave the meeting in a very positive light. There are still several obstacles overcome, I believe them to certainly be achievable and we will continue to work with the county to try to find both resolution and approval.
Several of the next steps will be that the county has agreed to reach out to get information/clarification from the EPA/EPD that this is an allowable use. While we certainly know that it is, they need to go through the proper channels to verify. Secondly, two of the county officials who were in attendance have agreed to visit the Henry County site to see what and how they have managed such a good working relationship between the flying club and the county. Mark Pass did some preliminary work on this front and it appears that one of the Henry County Board members will be more than happy to support and lend his assistance in whatever way possible. Vince Young has also reached out to our local AMA representative to contact the county and lend assistance in whatever form needed to help us get a positive outcome. Again, while the progress has been slow, it is progress and in a very positive way. This site would make an excellent long-term choice for the club and we will continue to work towards ultimate approval from the county and board of commissioners. Hopefully, at some point in the near future there will be a meeting of the board of commissioners to listen our proposal, I will keep you all in the loop when this may be and urge you strongly to make every effort to attend and lend your support at this meeting.  
I can not thank both Vince and Mark for their outstanding dedication and efforts in pulling this meeting together, please join me in reaching out to both to thank them for their time and tremendous work.
I will continue to keep yall posted as we progress and look forward to seeing you all very soon.
Best regards